New proposal of treatment
The Chronic Idiopathic Ulcerative Colitis (CIUC) is
swollen colon disease that has the following:

It’s known as a “Universal distribution disease” because it affects seven to ten for every one hundred -thousand people, primarily from the second to the fourth decade in lifetime.Its ethology is unknown, and is mentioned that genetic, immunologic and toxic elements that degenerates the colon’s mucosa. The evolution is chronic, and it could be invalidating and even mortal.Affects destroying the colon’s sub-mucosa and mucosa.Keeps the muscularis and serosa.Because of its chronicity, there are progressive fibrosis of sub-mucosa and muscularis.The risk that the progress turns into colon’s cancer is 10/25 times higher than people without CIUC.When it’s not treated on time, and the disease evolves, there are fewer possibilities to control or cure it.It arises in the distal colon, going to the proximal.Between twenty to thirty percent of the patients that quickly got worse, required Total Colectomy during the first three years.When heighten aggravated, the higher possibilities of chronic signs of immunology, like Polyarthritis, Sacroiliitis, Espondylitis Ankilosans, Uveitis, Pericholangitis, Pyoderma Gangrenosum, Cirrhosis, Erythema Nodosum, etcetera, which are considered incurable.

Conventional Treatments

Nowadays, there are two types of treatment that are commonly accepted
Medical treatment that uses steroids, immunosuppressants (derived from acetylsalicylic acid), mesalazine, azathioprine, mercaptopurine 6, etc, which none of the above really cures the disease, on the other hand, are used for long terms and can present several side effects on patients.Surgical treatment, when medical treatment fails and because hurdles or disease’ evolution. Is maiming and irretrievable (Colectomy). It might disappear the immunological extracolonic manifestations, even “cure” the disease… but… paying forward ¡at what price!


Besides theory is an speculative knowledge of lows that relates some phenomenon’s order, I let myself to consider a different proposal of “curative” treatment of CIUC, by following:
It’s said that CIUC is “a colon’s lake down because of the tolerance of the bacterial-toxic content of feces, where the mucosa misses its defend system and because of that, the homeostasis (which provide balance) between the aggression and the defenses”;If this phenomenon can be relapsed, in theory, it’s possible to “cure” the CIUC, and/or control the lasting-chronicity.In this circumstances of vicious circle of mucosa’s aggression, the germens of feces’ content of the colon must be considered rather than “non-pathogen” as pathogen!, and treat them as they are.
So, it exists some bases that are indispensable to “cure” or control any disease or any ill organ:
Eliminate the aggressor agent that causes the illness to the organ or system.Maintain clean the wound.Maintain the organ lapsed to rest, and provide it to the proper nourishment, in order to let it welt (scar), better in the earlier phase, before the irreversible sequels like fibrosis appear; and,Avoid late complications, worse and irreversible ones.

None of these bases can be applied
nowadays to pretend “cure” the CIUC.

New Treatment

Bases & Treatment
Hypothetic base for a “curative” treatment
If the vicious circle of mucosa’s aggression can be interrupted, then there’re
possibilities of scar and “cure” the CIUC, and its “immunologic” manifestations.
The new proposal of treatment
It is combined, offering the colon’s mucosa the opportunity of scar, maintained it “clean”, considering the following:
Abolishing the possible aggressor agent, but not the etiology that is unknown;Interrupting the vicious circle of contamination-wound-contamination;It is not mutilate, so a minor surgical is required;It is totally reversible, reincorporating the colonic function and a normal diet;It has lower cost;It is a low risk treatment, caring the colon’s integrity;In case of failure, you can go back to the conventional alternatives, medical or surgical that are used nowadays, but with the advantage of a prepared colon and with a lower risk of a mayor surgical.

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Experiences and material
Year 1999:
54 years-old female with severe CIUC, with constant pain, frequently blood-fluid-mucosa diarrhea, severe intolerance of diet, fever, leukocytosis, anemia, low level of albumin, calcium and sodium, as higher levels of bilirubin and transaminase. After ten days of treatment, she manifests total recovery of symptoms and laboratory improvement, admitting a complete diet without restrictions. Up to the first and second month, control colonoscopies were applied, presenting almost a complete scar in the colon’s mucosa. Any common medicines for CIUC were administrated.
50 year-old male came to the hospital, with a sharp abdominal pain; fever, rectal bleeding, with previous recidivist-chronic hemorrhage. He never had treatment or even diagnosis. The colonoscopy showed the destruction of almost all the descendent mucosa, sigmoid and rectus, with plentiful purulent material with mucus and detritus. After the first week of treatment, he was utterly asymptomatic, also without any common medicine for CIUC were administrated. The infected area never was over desiccated; and up the six-month, the intestinal function fluidity was normalized. Currently, he is alive, healthy and asymptomatic, with a normal diet and normal colonic-functions, without any kind of treatment.

Year 2007:
54 year-old male doctor; came to the hospital after three days of advanced rectal bleeding, with precedent of few-chronic-occasional previous bleeding. The colonoscopy revealed a sever-concentric inflammation of a segment of 45 centimeters up the anus, with pus, detritus and mucus lost. With previous preparation of the colon, part of the wounded segment was over dried because of the sever illness and the high possibilities of perforation. In the mean time, the new proposal of treatment was applied. Reincorporating the intestinal function (colonic transit) at the third month. After two years of treatment, he is completely asymptomatic, with a programmed colonoscopy every six-month and year; He has a normal diet and defecations. He grants a wholly recovered colon, without any further treatment.

Comments, critics and discussion

The three cases already mentioned, all of them responded very good to the treatment, with an utterly scar-colon, without any other treatment or the “common ones” referred previously.
The first patient, with a seven-year evolution, responded to the colonic and extra-colonic signs, with a total colon’s mucosa scar, shown by the month colonoscopy, and one and two-month biopsies when treatment was initiated, but she moved out of town losing contact.The second patient, at nine years of restitution of intestinal transit and treatment, is still health, with normal diet and defecations, and with a complete colon.
The third patient, with a two-year evolution and three colonoscopies (after), continues completely healthy.
When considering CIUC a sever/chronic disease, but one day beginning from cero, are we losing the opportunity to cure it, applying late treatments, when there are irreversible bad complications and sequels?
I really consider a better option that is to quit in a very earlier time the mucosa’s aggression because of the material that’s into the intestine (considered as “normal”), avoiding the already mentioned vicious circle.
Because of CIUC is a “wound” (ulceration of the mucosa’s colon), how is it possible to pretend to cure it in presence of feces, bacterial and toxins contamination? To let a wounds’ scar, it must be clean, sterilized permanently, so with a scar, the elemental is covered. So what I propose with this new treatment is just to let the opportunity to scar the mucosa’s colon, letting itself to defend; the opposite, I consider it anti-physiological, anti-biological and sort of irrational.
I’m asked about the bibliography… but I have more than thirty-five years as an experienced doctor, with thirty years as medical surgeon and gastroenterologist. So I have read tons of articles, included all about CIUC. I perfectly know what historically has been practiced to pretend “cure” it, where I completely disagree, because all of the criteria used on the actual treatments, are out of the must elemental criteria, which is to maintain clean the wound until scar, so… other opinions and scientific bases , or even more articles are needed in order to prove that a wound scars better when is completely clean rather than contaminated?
I’m asking for to the medical community to support it and beyond, the patients who are living with this terrible disease, just the opportunity to apply this new treatment which I really consider as the best option with a serious probability of getting better, or even, I let myself to name it as “cure” the CIUC.
At last, I’ve never considered the name of CIUC, which is only descriptive, and nothing else. Maybe we have to call it as “Infect-Immunologic Colonic Mucositis”; and in a future, when more investigations and experience about the new treatment grown, maybe, we can find the way to really cure it.

¿Would you like this alternative?

Dr. Gonzalo Torres Gómez